AYDA&CO is a Los Angeles based, leather handbag design label
founded in 2012.
Blessed with twin boys,  AYDA found herself in need of an extra pair of hands,
so she could multi-task while running after the active tots.  AYDA is partial to the fanny pack for its pure practicality for keeping her handsfree.  
She was inspired by need of functionality to MODERNIZE the classic fanny pack.
Fueled by success and support, AYDA recognized this as a staple accessory, essential for everyone on-the-go, which led to the creation of the
AYDA&CO Belt Bag.
Paired with her background in design and love of quality craftsmanship, AYDA expanded beyond belt bags and created an extensive line of quality handbags.  
AYDA&CO leather goods are entirely handcrafted by her team of artisans in
Los Angeles, California.